Z inside the box

A concept that was inspired by a pile of messy boxes, a hobby of buying different collectible goods, and an extreme obsession with tidiness.

With any collectible, the ultimate disservice you can do to its creator is to keep it in its original box and gradually neglect it over time. And that is exactly what I did.

Over the years, as my collection grew, once cherished works of art became a junkyard of stacked boxes. This mess that I couldn’t clean up came in a variety of uncoordinated colors, shapes and sizes that, to say the very least, was discomforting to look at.

Finally, I thought to myself: there must be a solution where I can continue to keep these boxes, keep my space organized and consistent with my room’s interior, and more importantly, to give these items the attention and care they deserve – and not keep them hidden in their boxes, tucked away forever.

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